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Glenn Kerrigan is a UK based composer and producer, he studied commercial music at the University of Westminster where he graduated with a BA (Hons). Following on from this he has gone on to tour, write, and record, with a variety of  interesting and innovative artists and work on many critically acclaimed commercial releases from writing and performing through to production and mastering.


Alongside his work with bands and artists he has also written and produced the music and sound design for many promotional campaigns for some of the world's leading brands including:

TATA Motors, BP & Samsung and his music has been featured on a variety of TV shows including Grey’s Anatomy and Made in Chelsea.


Glenn is also experienced in providing bespoke music and sound design solutions for internal communication videos as well as exhibitions and installations.


He works with speed and versatility when composing mixing and mastering, from minimal contemporary soundscapes, through modern electronic genres to full orchestration.


Glenn works closely with Artists,  clients  and design agencies, to help them achieve the bespoke creative vision and unique sound that each individual project requires.




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